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Detta är term clob här är från Oracle / DB2 / Informix-språk. i SQL Server är CLOB-typen av en som har en av DISTINCT.

Sometimes, you want to select distinct values from one or more columns of a table. To do this, you use the DISTINCT keyword in the SELECT clause as follows: DB2 Tutorial - DB2 SQL DISTINCT is used to remove duplicate rows from the result set.
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Db2 select distinct

DISTINCT applies to all the columns that are selected. DISTINCT can be used with COUNT.

Clear the check box if you want the selected domain to set column properties  This tutorial shows you how to use the PostgreSQL SELECT DISTINCT clause to remove duplicate rows from a result set returned by a query. 26 Dec 2020 In case a column contains multiple NULL values, DISTINCT will keep only one NULL in the result set.
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If you use one column, SQLite uses values in that column to evaluate the duplicate.

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WITH cte AS ( SELECT *, ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( PARTITION BY id ORDER BY val1 DESC) AS rn FROM MyTable )  14 May 2014 Hello, for some audits we should run the following command: DB2 SELECT DISTINCT GRANTEE FROM SYSCAT.TABAUTH WHERE  7 Sep 2020 DISTINCT can be used only with SELECT operators. We support Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MongoDB, Casandra, MySQL, Amazon  14 Jan 2011 This enables one to use this material to teach DB2 SQL to others. Use One creates a distinct (data) type using the following syntax: CREATE  SQL DISTINCT Command.

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