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3P+N+E. V. Hz. 16+32A 63+125A 16+32A 63+125A 16+32A 63+125A. INDUSTRIAL PLUGS AND SOCKETS TO IEC 60309 RATED OPERATING 32A , 63A, and 125A and for Series II, rated currents are 20A, 30A, 60A and 100A. IEC 60309-2. Plugs rated voltage per IEC309-1 clause 20 3P+E. 4.

Iec 309 60a 3p+pe

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4 Wire. 3P+G. 5 Wire. 3P+N+G x= Supply from isolation transformer. L1. L2 60A. 1.000. 1.000.

IEC 60309 (bis 1999 IEC 309) ist ein internationaler Standard für „Stecker, Steckdosen und Kupplungen für industrielle Anwendungen“.Er stellt eine Form von Industrie- und Mehrphasenstecker dar. 60A AR601 ARRH/ARRC 36, 46, 56 100A AR100 AJ/AJC 46, 56 5P Cooper Crouse-Hinds Angled Back Box Adapters install IEC 309 receptacles or inlets to existing back boxes at a 15° angle, eliminating plug cord stress and maximizing wiring capacity.


60. 63A. 63.

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Iec 309 60a 3p+pe

1.000. 1.000. 125A. 100A. 250.

Dell Price $2,793.91. Free Shipping. Dell Business Credit As low as $84/mo. IEC 60309 Pin and Sleeve Extension Power Cables for sale with fast turn-around . 3-wire 360P4W, 360C4W, 60A, 125V, 4/3, SOOW, IBX-41588, 10 - 100 Foot. standards IEC 309-1 and IEC 309-2 (EN 60309-1 and EN. 60309-2). 2P+G.
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Iec 309 60a 3p+pe

2. see product documentation for further information.

Designed for the demanding North American market, Hubbell's IEC 60309 pin and 2P 3W. 480V. HBL320R7W HBL320P7W HBL320C7W HBL320B7W. 3P 4W for use at either 16A or 20A, 30A or 32A, 60A or 63A and 100A or 125A.
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(3P+PE) IEC 309 60A : 60A (1) 3P: Schneider Electric Modular Power Distribution, Modular Power Accessories, and Rack PDUs. 60a input: iec 309-60a 3w+pe output: (42)iec 320 c13, (6)iec 320 c19 revisions rev.

Learn more! APDU9966 Vertical, 0U 208V 60A, 3phase 60A 17.3kW IEC 309 60A 3P+PE 2.0 (6.5) (20) IEC 320 C13/C15, (12) IEC 320 C19/C21 1833 x 76 x 111 (72.16 x 2.99 x 4.37) 3 years AP8966 APDU9967 Vertical, 0U 208V 60A, 3phase 60A 17.3kW IEC 309 60A 3P+PE 2.0 (6.5) (42) IEC 320 C13/C15, (6) IEC 320 C19/C21 1833 x 76 x 111 (72.16 x 2.99 x 4.37) 3 years AP8967 iec 60309 (6h) splashproof (ip44) "universal" 309 pin & sleeve power plug, 30 ampere-250 volt (c(ul)us), 32 ampere 220-250 volt (ove), 2 pole-3 wire grounding, compression strain relief. blue.